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5 things to know about LOVANIE

#1 About me

Hi, it’s me Nics and I started LOVANIE in the summer of 2020. Like many women, I’ve always loved fashion and believe that wearing something you love can make you feel confident, inspired and beautiful.

Growing up in Thailand, I remembered my mom and I visiting my uncle who is a tailor and coming back home with a new dress or two that were designed and handmade specifically for us. There were stacks of fashion magazines in the living room and weekend trips to the fabric stores.

Many years later, it wasn’t until I started blogging about fashion that I realized the damaging impact of the industry on its people & the planet that left me feeling uninspired and stuck. We seem to have forgotten the charm of the slow fashion lifestyle and the artisanal craft that my family has experienced in the past. With LOVANIE, I wanted to recreate this slow fashion philosophy of thoughtful romantic designs for the conscious women today.

#2 Designed for petites

Did you know that almost ⁠half of women in the US are 5'4" and under? But the standard sizing in the fashion industry caters to women who are 5'4" to 5'8"....
I believe that the clothes we buy should be loved for many years to come - and that starts with creating and choosing pieces that fit well and make us look our best.⁠⠀
All of LOVANIE pieces are designed from scratch to fit petites who normally have shorter legs or torso. And not a "shrunk down" version of the standard sizing. Because that just wouldn't look right proportionally... ⁠⠀

#3 Sustainability

Our mission is to create wanderlust designs that are kind to people and the planet to inspire conscious, petite women to live the life of their dreams.⁠⠀
So, what does being "kind to people and the planet" mean?⁠⠀
People: Ensuring that the workers and seamstresses we work with are in fair working conditions and earning fair wages. ⁠⠀
⁠Planet: Considering the impact our materials and fabric have on the environment and also the life cycle of what happens to them after they are no longer used.⁠⠀
Sustainability is a big word and no one's perfect. I'm continuing to learn about these things, just as you are, every single day. And when we know better, we can try to do better together. Even in small baby steps. For our first LOVANIE collection, we will be using 100% linen. Linen is one of the most eco-friendly natural fibers since it uses very little water and is biodegradable. The pieces will be made in the USA, and I'm looking into factory options to make them locally as much as possible. Will keep you posted on the updates here.

#4 Bohemian vintage-inspired

I draw a lot of LOVANIE's aesthetic inspirations from bohemian styles, dreamy travel destinations, and vintage pieces. The brand aesthetics are meant to encourage you to embrace your femininity and spark your wanderlust to wander the world and follow your heart's desires.

This Oprah's quote sums it up pretty well: "The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams" ⁠⠀

#5 Pre-order in small batches

Did you know that about 30% of clothing inventory are never sold by fashion brands? Overproduction is a common issue in the fashion industry, especially for fast fashion brands. ⁠⠀
I believe that pre-orders and made-on-demand should be the future of how we buy and make our clothes. At LOVANIE, our collections will be available on pre-orders and we will work towards the goal of making only what we sell in small batches. By minimizing the inventory that we hold, we are also minimizing the potential wastes. Additionally, in the future when we want to expand size ranges beyond petite size, the ideal scenario would be made-on-demand in which a piece in each size is made when that is ordered.
While it may be a longer wait for you, I believe that many good things do take time. And it's a slow fashion philosophy we can get behind. ♥️ This also supports you to become a more conscious consumer by being thoughtful about the purchases that you make and reducing impulse buying.

Hope this helps you to learn a little bit more about LOVANIE. Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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