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About Us

About Us

Our brand name LOVANIE is a combination of the word "Love" and "Avani" which means Earth in Sanskrit language. Our mission is to create clothing that are kind to people and the planet to inspire conscious women to live the life of their dreams.

Designed for petites

Did you know that almost ⁠half of women in the US are 5'4" and under? But the standard sizing in the fashion industry caters to women who are 5'4" to 5'8".

Lovanie is created for petite women, by a petite woman. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to fit the proportions of women who are 5’4” or under. We collected measurements and tested our samples on petite women in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Sustainable materials

All the styles in our collection are made from eco-friendly linen fabric. Linen is a natural and biodegradable fiber that is highly breathable and perfect for the warm summer days. Read more about our sustainability practices.

Ethically made in the USA

We make our pieces in small batches based on your preorders to minimize wastes. We’re proud to be working with a local production partner and seamstresses in Seattle, where we are located, to ensure fair working conditions & support small businesses in the USA.

LOVANIE's mission is to create beautiful designs that are kind to people and the planet to inspire conscious women to live the life of their dreams. 

We believe in the slow fashion philosophy where each step of creating our garments is intentional and thoughtful so that your clothes can be loved for many years to come.



LOVANIE's design inspirations are drawn from bohemian romantic styles, travel destinations and vintage pieces. Each detail of the design is thought over carefully to ensure the perfect fit, comfort and longevity. We incorporate timeless elements in every single design to accentuate the feminine silhouette and create looks that don't go out of style. 

Fabric & Materials

We source fabric made from natural fibers for our designs. In the SS21 launch collection, we use 100% linen and deadstock cotton. 

Linen is a durable, biodegradable fabric that is considered one of the most eco-friendly fibers due to its low usage of water to grow. With its high breathability, it's the perfect choice for spring/summer collection. Our linen supplier is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Deadstock cotton are leftover fabrics from other fashion houses that would otherwise be discarded in landfills. We rescue these deadstock fabrics before they were thrown away and make them into beautiful limited edition pieces. Our deadstock supplier is based in California. 

Our care labels are made from organic cotton and printed using water-based ink. 


Each LOVANIE collection is launched on a pre-order model. After the pre-order period, pieces are made in small batches to reduce wastes and minimize excess inventory. 

All of our pieces are cut & sewn in Seattle, USA. We work with a local production partner and seamstresses, who are located within an hour of where we are based. We regularly visit them to ensure quality and that the workers have fair wages & working conditions. 


We don't forget about the little details. All of our packages are shipped in 100% recycled Kraft mailers or 100% compostable mailers. We partner with Sendle to send packages in the US. Sendle is a B-Corp company that offsets carbon emissions on all its deliveries. 

Thank you cards are printed on recycled materials and the stickers are printed with soy-based ink. The tissue paper is made in the USA from 100% recycled post-consumer Kraft paper.  Our hang tags are made from leftover fabric scraps during production and tied with natural hemp twine. 

We are proud of the sustainable choices we made in bringing your LOVANIE pieces to life. And we will continue to improve on our sustainability practices in the future. If you would like to share ideas, please feel free to reach out to us at

Letter from the founder

Hi lovely,

Like many women, I’ve always loved fashion and believe that wearing something you love can make you feel confident, inspired and beautiful.

Growing up in Thailand, I remembered my mom and I visiting my uncle who is a tailor and coming back home with a new dress or two that were designed and handmade specifically for us. There were stacks of fashion magazines in the living room and weekend trips to the fabric stores.

Many years later, it wasn’t until I started blogging about fashion that I realized the damaging impact of the industry on its people & the planet, which left me feeling uninspired and stuck. We seem to have forgotten the charm of the slow fashion lifestyle and the artisanal craft that my family has experienced in the past. With LOVANIE, I wanted to recreate this slow fashion philosophy of thoughtful romantic designs for the conscious women today.

More than just clothing, LOVANIE is about sparking your wanderlust, inspiring you to follow your heart’s desires. I hope that LOVANIE can accompany you on your life journey, wherever your dreams take you.

With love,



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