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5 things I learned from the 10x10petitestyle challenge

It’s been about a month since I hosted the 10x10petitestyle challenge and I finally have sometime to sit down and reflect back on a few things I learned about trying a capsule wardrobe.

How we create LOVANIE samples

Given that it’s been such a long process to get here, I wanted to write a blog post to share a little bit about the prototype development steps and the behind-the-scenes of what happened after you voted on the launch collection styles. How are LOVANIE samples actually created?

5 reasons why we love linen & the benefits of linen clothing

Choosing fabric for the launch collection has probably been one of the longest steps so far in starting LOVANIE. From the beginning, the must-have for me is that the fabric is eco-friendly and preferably made from natural fiber. 

5 things to know about LOVANIE

Hi, it’s me Nics and I started LOVANIE in the summer of 2020. Like many women, I’ve always loved fashion and believe that wearing something you love can make you feel confident, inspired and beautiful.

My first 6 months of starting a slow fashion brand: Lovanie

Something that I’ve been doing for the last few years before setting goals for the new year is to look back and reflect on how the previous year has been. Needless to say, this year has been out of the ordinary for all of us in so many ways. And...

5 eco-friendly laundry tips to take care of your clothes sustainably

A key aspect of the slow fashion philosophy is to make our clothes last longer and wear them for many years to come. Washing clothes has the second-highest environmental impact of any part of the life cycle of clothing, second to the manufacture of new textiles. This change in habit...

Why does sustainable fashion matter? 7 facts about the fashion industry that you may not know

The journey towards having a more sustainable wardrobe can be different for everyone depending on the person. For some, it could be a sudden change in your habit; and for another, a gradual change in behavior over time. How was it for you?   What has sparked my passion and...