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Our Mission

We believe that saving the planet shouldn’t be an exclusive activity. So we’re on the mission to make it more accessible. 

Our name, Lovanie, comes from a combination of the word ‘love’ and the word ‘avani’, which means earth in Sanskrit. It perfectly reflects our aim to enjoy fashion while also protecting our Mother Earth.

Joining our community enables you to shop preloved ethical styles, as well as sell any eco-friendly items you’re ready to part with. You’ll connect with like-minded women who want to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill, and have a guilt-free shopping experience every time you sign in.

A Note From Our Founder

Hi lovely,

Like many women, I was admittedly a former fast fashion lover. I’ve always loved fashion and believe that what you wear can reflect your personality and help you feel more confident and beautiful.

After a few years of blogging about style and fashion, I started to look into conscious consumption and the ethics of the brands I was buying my clothes from. What I discovered was eye-opening and I went down the rabbit hole of researching all I could to educate myself more about sustainability practices or lack thereof in the fashion industry.

The more I researched, the more I realized that shopping for eco-friendly, ethical fashion is just not easy. I spoke to other women who shared my concerns and said they are just looking for a simpler way to ease the overwhelm of starting their sustainable wardrobe journey.

And so Lovanie was born out of my passion to solve this problem and to make shopping sustainably fun and easy for everyone.

Thank you for your interest in Lovanie and I hope you choose to join our Resale with a Purpose movement with us!